Gap Spa has developed an innovative system for the recovery of metals from the processing of slag, which is already in use in some of our clients' premises; this system guarantees a considerable reduction in overall costs and full compliance with current environmental legislation, as well as the health and safety of workers.

The system involves "dry processing", in other words it is equipped with suitable airtight covers to prevent the dispersion of dust into the atmosphere; furthermore, all operations on slag are carried out without soaking.

The system allows:

  • a substantial reduction in the weight of slag to be disposed of;
  • greater levels of cleanness in the residue;
  • increased recovery of metals and ferrous residue;
  • reduction of airborne dust in the premises, thanks to dust separation and removal using appropriate equipment;
  • avoidance of the need for a system for the recovery of waste water.

GAP SpA can design, develop and install plant and equipment on the basis of specific client requests and to suit particular applications.

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