In recent years GAP has chosen to strongly drive innovation by investing heavily in Research & Development.

This approach, alongside the firm's long experience in the field of services to the steel industry, today constitutes the true added value of our know-how, in both steel and other sectors.

Our vision is strongly geared to problem solving, making us remarkably innovative and proactive; our commitment and enthusiasm is renewed in the face of new challenges, which to us are drivers of study, research, growth and knowledge.

GAP offers solutions for industry: a highly specialised consultancy service that can meet the specific requirements of the client and respond to the particular circumstances of each individual production site:

  • Plant hire without operator
  • Plant hire with operator
  • Logistics solutions
  • Design of specific systems and equipment
  • Technical analysis and consultancy

The objectives that drive our consultancy activities:

  • reduction of running costs
  • maximum efficiency, both operational and energy
  • guarantee of quality in the end product
  • operator safety
  • reduction of environmental impact
  • compliance with current legislation

GAP is available to carry out inspection visits in Italy and abroad, with a highly specialised team, carefully organised and selected on the basis of the client's requirements.

Gruppo Piantoni

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