"The quality of services along with health and safety in the workplaces are a commitment for all of us, and it shows up not only in observing a safe and correct behavior at work, but also in creating the most suitable conditions for this to happen steadily".

As part of its strategy for development and progress, PIANTONI GROUP places utmost importance on the quality of its services, besides, the Organization believes necessary to define specific rules of conduct in order to address the overall activity towards maximum Customers’ and Stakeholders’ satisfaction.

With the aim of ensuring service quality, from the beginning PIANTONI GROUP’s will is to perform processes at the highest levels and set their standardization as far as possible, by defining rigorous management methods, and all this for reasons both internal and corresponding to the actual and potential Customers’ requests.

By sharing the above principle with all staff, the General Management decided to implement and carry out an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, so to engage the Organization in the continuous improvement of safety and health at work. By adopting the occupational health and safety management system, the General Management of PIANTONI GROUP takes a strategic decision addressed to highly reduce any accidents and/or occupational diseases.

The General Management undertakes to implement and maintain efficient procedures to prevent any problems, rather than intervene afterwards to correct them; in particular, the Organization intends to operate under a controlled and documented system, during each phase of its working processes.

Actually for PIANTONI GROUP it is extremely important to establish a solid and constructive two-way relationship with its Customers and therefore the whole Organization is made available to them, to meet all their needs.

Much importance is given to the analysis of the information given by Customers relating to the service provided by PIANTONI GROUP, especially any weaknesses, so that interventions may be developed to improve the overall System and ultimately to increase the Group's strength on the market.

Everyone working with and for PIANTONI GROUP is an active and crucial element for the Organization, and as such should feel involved in the achievement of the Company goals and success.

The General Management is committed to establishing an adequate corporate system, in order to ensure every worker to become conscious and aware of the followings:

  • of the importance of the compliance with policy, safety procedures and management system requirements;
  • of the consequences, real or potential, of his work activities, of the effectiveness of the system and of his own safety and that of his colleagues and other workers in general;
  • of the individual obligations in terms of safety and compliance with the internal rules, and of the benefits coming from the improvement of personal performances;
  • of everyone’s role and responsibility to achieve the compliance with the policy and of the potential consequences of any departure from the specific operational procedures.

The vision and main values of PIANTONI GROUP in terms of Safety and Health at Work can be summed up as follows:

  1. the management of health and safety at work and the results obtained in this area are integral and essential parts of the corporate management, in the same manner as any other company results;
  2. work processes must never be harmful to the health and safety of workers;
  3. safety and health at work is a major and imperative rule in all our activities;
  4. compliance with current laws and with relevant agreements is essential within any other evaluations made by the corporate management, at all levels;
  5. the responsibility of the management system for safety and health at work belongs to all of us, to each one for his own skills, from the Company owners up to each individual worker;
  6. the whole Organization is committed to continuous improvement and prevention in the field of health and safety at work, because the results thereby obtained are improving the quality of life for each of us;
  7. everyone in the Organization must be raised to awareness and trained to carry out own duties safely, assuming own responsibilities in terms of safety and health at work;
  8. everyone in the organization must be involved and listened to on safety and health at work.

All these goals are achieved through hard work by the Organization as a whole and on the base of a team commitment which covers all the phases of the working process.

The task of the General Management is therefore to communicate - through methods properly assessed each time - the short and long-term objectives that PIANTONI GROUP aims to achieve.
The General Management is therefore directly involved in awareness, organization and coordination of those functions which help to develop, maintain and continuously improve the management system.

PIANTONI GROUP’s general objectives may be expressed in the research and commitment to obtain:

  • a finer management of the operational risks;
  • the reduction of both potential and actual causes of anomalies and operational problems through proper corrective actions;
  • the consistent check of the compliance with legal obligations;
  • the continuous and profitable communication between the company management and the workers by means of audits and meetings;
  • an upper level monitoring in the control of the remaining risk in order to reduce it even further by means of continuous improvement actions.

The Group’s Policy and the annual objective schedule are shared with all employees by means of training and informative meetings addressed to all staff; in this way everyone is informed and made aware and the adequate understanding is granted and supported at all levels.

With own experiences and skills, everyone is called to cooperate for making this Policy active and understandable as well as for improving it.

Yearly scheduled reviews are the tools used by the General Management to check and assess:

  • whether the objectives have been achieved and whether they are still the right and adequate ones for their purposes;
  • whether the purpose of continuous improvement in all company activities is efficaciously implemented;
  • whether the information given to the Organization relevant levels is appropriate to the objectives.

As part of the Management Review, the adequacy and validity of the current Policy to the corporate strategies are assessed, as well as the resources made available to them.

This Policy must be visible and available to all employees and guests of PIANTONI GROUP and must be delivered to any interested parties who may request it.

The General Management of PIANTONI GROUP trusts that the implemented actions will be successful and decisive for achieving ever higher quality and safety standards.

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